Baicapture Buddy

A photographer roaming at an event, capturing short-lived experiences.
Handing out a printed celebration to guests after guests after guests.
This is what makes a man with a camera and a printer into a Baicapture Buddy.


Php 8,000

2 Hours


Php 10,000

3 Hours


Php 12,000

4 Hours

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Red carpet experience

Strut that red carpet walk, pose through the illuminated lights, and let our Baicapture Buddy capture that glamorous smile! Create an experience feeling every bit as elite and exceptional as Hollywood royalty with this add on for only P 3,500.


When one is not enough, don’t think twice… Go for an additional Buddy! Only plus 50% of chosen package.

One up!

Extend the life of the camaraderie with our extra-hour upgrade at P 2,500 per hour.

Every package includes

  • 1 Photographer
  • 2 On-site assistants
  • 1 Print setup
  • High-quality prints with picture standees
  • Unlimited on-site Wireless Printing
  • Online gallery (online forever)
  • DVD archive of all photos

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