Elegance meets technology

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Baicapture is Photo Booth Reimagined. With its minimalist design, we offer flexibility in terms of the number of people it can shoot and the space it needs. Baicapture Photo Booth was designed so elegantly that it can blend well even with the most formal affairs.

This is our creation.

Automatic. Interactive, Re-imagined.

Baicapture is your photo booth without limits.

You’ve seen the automated camera and wall-free structure; top-of-the-line hardware in just the sleekest, first-class casing.

But hey, it’s fully adaptable. It fits anywhere; adjusting to virtually any ballroom, backyard, mall, coliseum, street, what-have-you.

Baicapture’s photo printouts are superior in quality. These are mementos; they should stand the test of time.

And Baicapture’s take on experience?

We engage, we communicate. From customizing your backdrop, to tailoring the print layout, the customer-centric team echoes the spirit of celebration even from the beginning.

Baicapture musters all the strength of an esteemed brand.

Amidst the ever-quickening pace of everyday life, allow it to captivate and enamor the electricity of your party and let it embody the essence of the onsite souvenir photo booth – creating cameraderie. This is the maxim of Baicapture.



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